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Gourd art embellished with metal leafing, by Carolyn Wolf-Russell
You'll discover how to add metal leafing to gourds in this video series!

Here are some images of beautiful gourd art to get you inspired and ready to create your own art pieces once your videos arrive!

Gourd art by Carrie Lynn, made from a gourd like Gourd#2 shown below, which has a medium to tall base (or body) and a wider neck size.

Gourd art by Dianne Connelly; also made from a gourd like Gourd#2 shown below.

Gourd art by Kayla Kirkland, designed with pine needles woven around the rim, embellished with real peacock feathers; made from a gourd with a short base, like Gourd#6 shown above.

Another gourd with woven pine needles, stained with dye, and also created using a gourd with a short body or base, such as Gourd#6 shown above.

Both gourds above created using a gourd with sloped sides, such as Gourd#3 shown above.

Both of these beautiful gourds are by artist and instructor, Gloria Crane (shown at left). Be sure to see Gloria's incredible classes offered on DVD!

Pictured left: Gourd art with painted flowers, by Gerri Bishop
Pictured center: Bottle gourd made into a fruit bowl - Beautiful and practical!
Pictured right: Gourd birdhouse designed with simple Ivy Leaf pattern.

How Gourds are Priced

Gourds are priced by size. They are measured using a sizing board, which is a board with the holes of the various sizes cut out of it.

A gourd that is just under 10 inches in diameter will fall through the 10-inch hole on the sizing board so it will be priced as a 9-inch gourd.

Gourds are sized by diameter at the widest part of the gourd (not by height), and size is measured in inches. The diameter is the distance straight across the gourd at its widest point (see diagram, right), not the distance around the gourd, which is the circumference.

A washed gourd on the left,
and an unwashed gourd on the right.

Welburn gourds clean off easily with just water and a scrubber. Almost all the gourds we sell on our web site have already been washed! When you purchase gourds at the farm, one of the reasons you get them at rock bottom prices is because they have not been cleaned. (Although, there are cleaned gourds available when you visit the farm; cleaning charges apply.)

To see our full selection of gourds for online purchase, use this link!

You are also welcome to visit the farm. We are located at 40636 De Luz Rd, Fallbrook, CA. Our hours are Monday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (closed Sundays) For a map and directions, use this link!

We hope you enjoy the free gourd video tutorials that will arrive in your inbox soon!

The Welburn Gourd Farm Family

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